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How Medical Equipment Specialists Can Make Research Labs Happy

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Everyone’s busy these days. Lab and facility managers are increasingly turning to medical equipment specialists and suppliers for advice on big ticket items. Your clients want a good value in their new lab equipment, but they don’t have time to debate the minutia of product specs, to stay on top of the latest trends in ultra low freezers, and to meet with different vendors to negotiate pricing. Your expertise makes this process painless.

But it\’s hard to give labs good advice if they\’ve given you a distorted sense of their needs.

The Right Autoclave for the Job

As we\’ve mentioned before, many labs badly overestimate how often they run their autoclave. Based on their estimates, you might think they need a high-end medical-grade sterilizer set up for near-constant throughput. But check their existing unit\’s cycle counter, and you\’ll discover that they aren\’t running more than a few cycles each day—and yet, their autoclaves are always broken down. Users are just so frustrated by the experience that it seems like they\’re constantly running the autoclave.

Armed with good information, it’s easy to choose a replacement autoclave that will make your clients happy, significantly lowering their operating costs while making their jobs easier.

Priorclave manufactures research-specific autoclaves in a range of capacities and configurations. All can be customized, and all ship with an industry-leading fully programmable control system (with special media-preparation cycles and research-support features). They\’re so reliable, they come with a 3-year warranty.

The savings aren’t negligible either: a research-grade autoclave uses 97% less water than its medical-grade counterpart. All Priorclave autoclaves come with training and lifetime support, direct to the end user.

[Photo credit: Rafael Vianna Croffi, CC BY 2.0]