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Fighting the Spread of African Swine Fever — Without Creating New Crises

Fighting the Spread of African Swine Fever—Without Creating New Crises

African swine fever is a disease without cure or treatment that has a 90% mortality rate in pigs.  It’s currently affecting parts of Africa, Eastern Europe, and Western Asia, killing off backyard livestock that people rely on for food and trade.

UC Davis Finds Solutions to African Swine Fever

Esther Kukielka, a graduate student at the University of California, Davis, published results of her study into the movement of this disease, which is spreading via a combination of pig markets, infected feed, and wild boar  With no cure or treatment, Kukielka concludes that the only way to stem the spread of African Swine Fever now is through education and government support—which is no small challenge for the impoverished areas most affected.

Saving the World through Sustainability

After education and support comes the treatment and cure, yet to be discovered.  But UC Davis has never been afraid to confront tough problems. More importantly, they work to tackle these problems without creating new ones. Keeping in mind that most research labs have a 400% larger carbon footprint than an oil company office, the University of California has embraced Priorclave’s core autoclave design principles: durability, water conservation, and energy efficiency. Labs don’t just save money—they do their part to save the planet.

[Photo credit: David Goehring, CC BY 2.0]