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Choose Your Lab Equipment with Conscience Intact

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For a quarter of a century you’ve been able to buy a kitchen fan that the EPA and Department of Energy have verified is efficient, even though 45% of the people who own them hardly use them.  Meanwhile, the average autoclave wastes almost an Olympic swimming pool’s worth of water each year, and no one has any clue. Until now.

Accountability, Consistency, Transparency

Thanks to the new environmental impact factor labels from My Green Lab and the International Living Future Institute, it just got easier to know what you’re buying, and what it’s doing to the planet and your budget. “The toughest autoclaves on the planet,” made by Priorclave, were the first to carry the ACT labelACT is a voluntary label program for research labs, created and overseen by My Green Lab. “The ACT label makes it possible for scientists and procurement specialists to choose safe, sustainable products by focusing on the impact of making, using, and disposing of a product and its packaging,” says Allison Paradise, executive director of My Green Lab.

ILFI Gives ACT Its Seal of Approval—and Eases Your Path to LEED-Certification

ACT is now officially recognized by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), which runs its own transparency label, Declare.  The ILFI aims to improve building standards in general, but they share a vision of environmental responsibility with My Green Lab. ILFI’s Declare label has been approved as a compliance pathway for certain LEED v4 credits, making it that much easier to meet green building goals.

The Future of Scientific Research is Green

Environmentally sustainable labs are the future of research.  Universities seeking to attract the best faculty and students must be proactive about upgrading their facilities with equipment that leads the pack.  The ACT label makes those choices easier.  Having excellent equipment doesn’t mean paying top dollar — and you can, in fact, save money with new equipment that’s more energy and water efficientAsk us how we know.

[Photo credit: Neil Williamson, CC BY-SA 2.0]