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Architects and Contractors: Call Your Autoclave Suppliers Before Clicking “Buy Now!”

Architects and Contractors: Call Your Autoclave Suppliers Before Clicking "Buy Now!"

Sometimes researchers show up at a freshly built lab full of brand new equipment and are baffled and annoyed by what they see: The ultra-low freezer is too small, the fume hood too large, the autoclave optimized for dental clinics. Even though it’s all new, people are already jiggering work-arounds on day one—a waste of money, time, and resources that could have been solved with a few questions to the right people.


Disconnect Between End-User and Contractor Can Lead to Problems

Architects and contractors are good at what they do—designing and building—but that doesn’t mean they know much about the best lab equipment. They often choose equipment they’ve bought before, or make general assumptions based on the spec from their most recent similar job.

But seemingly similar labs often need very different things from their autoclave. That’s where help from autoclave suppliers and other manufacturers can save the day.

An Autoclave Supplier Helps Architects and Contractors Make Good Choices

Communication is the solution. Time frames may be tight, but a quick conversation with a lab equipment manufacturer will go a long way toward client satisfaction. A good autoclave supplier, like Priorclave, will be able to quickly assess the needs of the lab based on the type of research being performed there and recommend an autoclave that will fit the research and the budget.

According to Priorclave North America CEO Barbra Wells, “Selecting the right autoclave, with the right features, depends on many factors. As an architect, designer, or contractor looking to work with more research facilities, it just takes a short call to learn enough to really distinguish yourself and become the go-to for lab projects.”

[Photo credit: Rafael Vianna Croffi, CC BY 2.0]