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A Good Autoclave Supplier Helps Veterinary Researchers Get More Done

A Good Autoclave Supplier Helps Veterinary Researchers Get More Done

Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) causes people and animals daily discomfort and distress. IBD can lead to other health problems such as intestinal abscesses, intestinal obstructions, and an increased risk of colon cancer, but it is a disease without a cure. Managed care options include diet, medicine, and surgery, but the condition is chronic and changes the way one lives. For working animals, IBD can be the end of a career—and life.

Diagnosing IBD in Horses Remains Inconclusive

A Dutch-Belgian study led by Catherine Delesalle highlights the difficulty large animal veterinarians face when diagnosing IBD in horses. Symptoms of IBD are often vague, like weight loss, chronic colic, and lethargy. There is no conclusive diagnostic test that can be performed short of a biopsy of intestinal tissue. The study by Delesalle and her colleagues highlights the need for further investigation with more horses and more researchers, as well as systemic collection, examination, and interpretation of biopsy material from horses.

An Autoclave Supplier Invested in Your Success

Veterinary research doesn’t have all the answers, but a good autoclave supplier should be able to help you free up time and contain costs, so more of your resources can be poured directly into research. Priorclave takes a custom approach to every client to ensure you receive exactly what you need (no more, no less). Despite this lean approach, every Priorclave autoclave still comes with a robust programmable control system and free lifetime technical support. How many other manufacturers remain that accessible to their clients? We are invested in your success.

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