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Sterilizing Vivariums Can Be Easier Than You Think

Sterilizing Vivariums Can Be Easier Than You Think

The miniature biome of a vivarium is a great way to isolate variables in animal research.  But life is messy and vivariums can be a pain to get clean and sterile.  Everything from the volume of cages to the delicacy of feeding instruments have to be considered when it comes time to clean.  And then there’s the time cleaning takes, eating in to precious research dollars.

Pass-Through Autoclaves for Vivarium Sterilization

A pass-thru autoclave is vital in many live-animal research settings (not to mention making the job easier and faster).  But the price tag can be high.  Part of that can be attributed to the fact that many pass-thrus are optimized for extremely high-risk BSL-3 settings.  But also, the fact is that many autoclave manufacturers are relatively new to building double-ended pass-thru sterilizers, and it subsequently costs them more to do so.  At Priorclave, we’ve been building pass-thru units all along. We offer a variety of flexible pass-through choices with all of the sophisticated containment and safety features you expect from units twice as expensive.

Quality, Service, and Responsibility

Priorclave will work with you and your lab to determine exactly what size and configuration of autoclave is needed for your animal research lab.  We don’t want to up sell you a bunch off features you do not need, which can lead to maintenance problems and frustration. Priorclave wants you to have the autoclave that best fits your lab and we back our products with free lifetime technical support. Call or email us today!  Start the conversation about how your lab can save time, save water costs, and save energy costs, all in one robust piece of equipment.

[Photo credit: Luis E., CC BY-ND 2.0]