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I2SL Continues to Celebrate Priorclave Autoclaves

For the second year in a row I2SL (the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories) has recognized Priorclave’s commitment to reducing the negative environmental impact of laboratories by expanding our ACT-labeled inventory.

The ACT label is the “premier eco-nutrition label” for laboratory products. This label breaks down the environmental impact of manufacturing, shipping, using and disposing of a wide range of products. It offers an at-a-glance assessment of everything from daily consumables to large lab equipment. (Sustainability Made Simple independently audits ACT-labeled products. Their findings are verified by My Green Lab.) 

i2sl promotes and celebrates green lab initiatives like the ACT Label

“From the start, sustainability has been at the core of Priorclave North America,” explains Priorclave CEO Barbra Wells. “Priorclave got its start by making efficient and reliable research autoclaves—the ‘toughest autoclaves on the planet’. We’re proud of our early commitment to this sort of accountability, and we’re delighted to see this important work being recognized more broadly.”


A Long-term Commitment to Sustainability, I2SL, and the ACT Label

Back in 2017 we were the first autoclave manufacturer in the world to display the ACT Label. ACT is a voluntary label program for research labs, created and overseen by My Green Lab. “The ACT label makes it possible for scientists and procurement specialists to choose safe, sustainable products by focusing on the impact of making, using, and disposing of a product and its packaging,” says Allison Paradise, executive director of My Green Lab. 

“We chose our pilot partners strategically,” Allison Paradise explains. ”We were intentional in choosing Priorclave as our autoclave manufacturing partner for the pilot. Barbra [Wells, Priorclave North America CEO] had great insight and feedback about the label design and implementation.”