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Autoclave Parts: Lower Costs, Increase Safety, Assure Smooth Operations

autoclave parts for steam autoclaves provided by priorclave

Priorclave autoclaves are long-lived workhorses. That’s not because they never need maintenance or repair, but because we’ve designed them to make maintenance and repair easy. Any competent technician can keep a Priorclave in good working order. The design is clean and clear and replacement parts are easy to find, keeping service calls fewer and farther between. 

Don’t Let Costs Interfere with Efficiency and Safety

It’s important to regularly service your autoclave not just for best performance and peak efficiency but also for safety. A well-maintained autoclave will always be more efficient than a neglected autoclave—and safer. The easier it is to repair, service, and maintain your equipment, the more likely you are to do it. So Priorclave builds autoclaves that are as easy as possible to service and repair. Proprietary autoclave parts only available through the manufacturer are generally more expensive, harder to source, and subject to delays during times of overwhelm. That translates to skipped regular maintenance. 

We’re always available to provide parts and service. But you don’t have to come to us for either if it doesn’t serve you and your unit best. It’s more important that the service or repair happen than that it happen with us. So when you need autoclave parts, repair, and maintenance, with Priorclave machines, you have options. And having options drives down costs—time, risk, and financial—for keeping your autoclaves running at peak performance and keeping your workers and your plant safe. 

Keep It Simple

We generally recommend research units over medical-grade autoclaves. This isn’t just to save money, water, and energy. Most research units can be kept running smoothly with routine maintenance performed by lab techs (with manufacturer support). But most medical-grade autoclaves need service contracts with an authorized service technician. In part this is due to the complexity of the device. But it also comes down to autoclave parts: most medical-grade units have a high part-count and require independent steam generators (which need to be separately serviced and maintained). And those steam-generator and autoclave parts are often proprietary components, only available through the manufacturer. Similarly, if you are considering a jacketed unit, you might want to ask about the price of replacement temperature probes and door gaskets. (Steam jacketed units tend to need these replaced more frequently.)

autoclave parts for steam autoclaves provided by priorclave

Replacement autoclave parts should be sturdy, affordable, and easily sourced.

Instead, we build our units with low parts counts and remove every complexity that could cause problems—and the autoclave parts we do use are standard and available from many competing sources. 

We back our reliable design with the best support program in the industry: a 36-month limited parts and labor warranty, a 20-year pressure vessel warranty, unlimited technical support, and a staff that maintains a better than 90% customer satisfaction rating. Apart from two unique core components (our Tactrol Control System and the hand-built ASME-stamped pressure chamber), we use only non-proprietary, standard autoclave parts and components. Priorclave owners can be independently source parts from a variety of manufacturers—and even find some at a local hardware store or wholesaler.

Proprietary Autoclave Parts=Pricy Autoclave Parts

We’re always happy to see return customers and pride ourselves on high customer satisfaction, but we won’t lock you into only dealing with us. Too many lab equipment manufacturers shore up their business with exclusive service/maintenance contracts and proprietary parts—at a high price. Priorclave offers on-site and factory training for your staff and/or trusted local technician, as well as non-proprietary autoclave parts. We can furnish standard two- and three-year spares kits so customers can maintain an on-site stock of autoclave parts.

And, of course, we maintain a full stock of Priorclave-specific replacement autoclave parts in our Michigan warehouse. These can be purchased and shipped immediately (including overnight). Our parts’ cost list (available on our website) is as transparent as practicable. We maintain a “fair price” policy on all components (including our Tactrol Control System) and offer competitive pricing.