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Autoclave for Sale: Is that “Lab” Autoclave Right for YOUR Lab?

broken trash lab autoclave

Not every autoclave for sale online is a great fit for a North American buyer. Most North American buyers are labs, breweries, and facilities in need of a research-grade autoclave. Meanwhile, most autoclaves sold here are designed for medical use. But that’s not the real problem.

The real problem: companies selling medical-grade autoclaves lack the customer service, maintenance, and repair services that lab and industrial users need. 

broken trash lab autoclave

Autoclave for sale? Let the buyer beware!

Autoclaves can last for a long time if properly maintained. Even just a weekly wipe down (inside and out), along with checking the door gaskets goes a long way toward extending autoclave life. 

But most non-medical autoclave uses are quite demanding. These can be hard on even the right machine (and swiftly fatal to the wrong one). For instance, labs running waste loads or growth media can quickly run a tabletop medical autoclave into the ground, because those tabletop models are so thoroughly optimized for a narrow range of instrument sterilization applications. 

Even assuming the autoclave you’re considering isn’t just a re-labelled medical sterilizer, its efficiency and durability will be dramatically affected by how you care for it.

Autoclave for Sale: What About Service?

Maintenance and support is as important as the autoclave itself. Another major issue with the North American autoclave market is that medical autoclaves jump the line for maintenance and service. Healthcare is a dominant force. As a result, most companies prioritize their medical customers. This can leave lab users, food and beverage processors, and every other non-medical user waiting ages for a call back, let alone a service appointment.

This is why Priorclave has chosen to focus on non-medical applications. We don’t just offer a lab autoclave for sale and then disappear. Every lab autoclave for sale by Priorclave comes with impressive service and maintenance guarantees. That includes maintaining an exclusive network of authorized service agents that we train and support, so that assistance and support is close at hand. 

When customers need an onsite call, we’re there within 48 hours. And when you encounter emergency situations that threaten to stop your work, we make those emergencies our top priority. We show up with the necessary parts onboard. Ninety percent of the time we can solve your problem the same day. Often, you won’t even need an on-site technician. The full-featured Tactrol control system makes it possible to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot. This advanced control system is standard on every Priorclave, regardless of size or application. Backed by lifetime free technical support, you can resolve maintenance issues over the phone and get back to work. 

Priorclave will do more than any other seller or service provider to get your lab running optionally and keep it running that way.