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Explore Sustainable Lab Design with Priorclave at the 2023 UVA Green Labs Resource Fair (April 18 in Charlottesville, VA)

In celebration of Earth Month UVA Green Labs is again hosting their annual Green Labs Resource Fair at the University of Virginia—and Priorclave North America will be there. This free event provides opportunities for vendors, suppliers, researchers, lab administrators, technicians, and others to connect and share resources and insights on how every lab can reduce their environmental impact without compromising their work. We hope to see you there on April 18 from noon to 3pm at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville (Pinn Hall, second floor).

UVA’s Green Labs Resource Fair aims to help every lab meet their green goals and foster sustainability throughout their operations. This event has consistently brought together forward-thinking researchers and vendors with UVA’s most active sustainability advocates, fostering a free flow of ideas (and powered by snacks from Feast!). 

Organizations attending this year include Polycarbin, Eppendorf, Millipore Signma, LabRepCo, Cintas, ThermoFisher, Quartzy, and Priorclave, as well as UVA Environmental Health and Safety, UVA Recycling, and other UVA groups.

“We’ve entered a critical period, in terms of meaningfully addressing climate change,” according to Priorclave CEO Barbra Wells.  “Researchers all across North America are rising to the occasion. They are working diligently to preserve our planet and reverse global climate change. But the terrible irony is that, more often than not, they’re stuck relying on equipment and supplies that needlessly waste resources. We need sustainable labs for sustainable research. Priorclave is eager to do whatever we can to help more labs operate more sustainably.”  

This event is free and open to all—just one part of UVA Charlottesville expansive “Earth Day Every Day” programming, which continues throughout April. 


Flier for UVA Green Labs Resource Fair at University of Virginia, April 18, 2023

Supporting Earth Day Every Day in Every Lab

“From the start, sustainability has been at our core,” Priorclave’s Barbra Wells adds. “Priorclave got its start by making efficient and reliable research autoclaves—the ‘toughest autoclaves on the planet’. We’re proud to have this opportunity to help researchers in the life sciences take big steps forward in sustainability. It’s been so rewarding to work with university sustainability projects over the years. We’re delighted to see this important work continuing during this crucial period.”

Ready to explore ways to increase your lab’s sustainability and resiliency? Come chat with Barbra Wells at the 2023 UVA Green Labs Resource Fair on April 18.

Can’t make it to the UVA Green Labs Resource Fair this year? Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you’re ready.