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Conservation for the People, By the People, In the Lab

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People want to know: what’s in it for me? It’s almost painfully obvious, but a new study finds that conservation efforts without consideration for the impact on people results in opposition and conflict. Academic arguments aren’t enough to implement large scale plans, no matter what the data says.

Researchers at the University of California at Riverside get that. They used a survey-based process to initiate a discussion with their lab-heavy departments and determine where they could save water and electricity without causing disruptions. UCR’s monitoring and plug-load study on lab equipment echoes 2015 findings published by Stanford University and My Green Lab. In side-by-side comparison, UCR found that research grade autoclaves used 81 percent less energy and 93 percent less water than a medical grade unit. In many cases, UCR labs also streamlined workflows with the additional controls available in a Priorclave research grade autoclave.
Autoclave Water Consumption Per CycleIt isn’t enough to save the Earth for the sake of the planet. Priorclave innovates and improves so that our autoclaves do a cracking good job and give lab managers peace of mind about water and energy conservation, as well as lifetime technical support and product longevity.

[Photo credit: Eric Norris, CC BY 2.0]