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Priorclave North America Joins the Purchasing Cooperative of America

Priorclave North America is committed to helping labs get what they need, so they can get back to doing their work. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that Priorclave has been awarded a “blanket” contract by the Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA). Public organizations—including higher education institutions and government agencies—can join PCA for free and use the PCA Contract number to purchase an autoclave instantly, confident that they are in full compliance with all competitive bidding requirements and expectations.

“Over the past decade we’ve helped outfit many government and university labs,” notes Barbra Wells, CEO of Priorclave North America. “We know that most administrators are spread very thin in these organizations. We also know how important it is for them to get the right equipment—equipment that suits their needs, is built to last, and fits their budget. Any hurdle standing between researchers and results, we’re going to find a way around.”

About the Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA)

The Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA) is dedicated to providing best-value contracts while meeting the highest ethical standards of public procurement, in order to provide significant time and money savings for all their members. Members benefit from volume purchasing power, because the coop represents member agencies, and leverages those relationships across North America. The PCA vets vendors for you, meeting strict government regulations before completing the solicitation process to exacting standards. Most importantly, PCA members buying through the coop can be confident that they have satisfied all public competitive bidding process requirements. They assure you’re getting a good value, and furnish all the documentation you need to demonstrate compliance.

PCA membership is free to non-profit/non-taxed organizations in all 50 states, all U.S. territories, Canada, and Mexico. (Such entities include educational institutions, government agencies, research groups, Indian tribal governments, and more). PCA combines experience in contracting, purchasing, and writing RFPs and RFQs to craft strong contracts that offer good value across multiple industries. These contracts are competitively bid and awarded following all legally mandated state/federal procurement and contracting statutes and procedures, including applicable Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR).

“Most importantly,” Barbra Wells adds, “Working with PCA doesn’t limit vendors or members in any way. PCA member organizations can purchase under this contract to streamline their process, but they can still go elsewhere. And any organization—regardless of size or affiliation—can still work directly with Priorclave North America, just as they always have.”