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Biotech and Pharma Need More Green Labs

If the last year has shown us nothing else, it’s the huge impact biotechnology and pharmaceutical research has on our lives. But according to a recent study from My Green […]

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Addressing the Carbon Impact of Biotech & Pharma Research in 2024

Are research labs playing their part in stemming the rising tides of global climate change? Last month My Green Lab released their latest report on the carbon impact of biotech […]

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Creating Consistent Standards for Lab Autoclaves and Sterilizers

Given the state of the climate crisis, there’s increasing urgency to reform how we approach research and development. As it stands, the annual carbon emissions from the biotech/pharma sector alone […]

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How to Autoclave Pipette Tips: Quickly Racking Tips for Sterilization

At one time, many labs considered autoclaving and reusing plastic pipette tips an enormous waste of time. But with the recent revelation that only 4% of the world’s largest publicly-traded […]

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