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Top Tips for Autoclaving Pipette Tips

You don’t have to spend much time in a research lab to learn that pipette tips have a nasty habit of stubbornly clinging to a little bead of water.  Some […]

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Top 5 Reasons You Might Choose Vacuum Features on Your New Autoclave

Not all autoclaves include vacuum features, because not every lab needs them. There’s no value in having a feature you never use, which still might break and force your entire […]

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Is it OK to Reuse Pipette Tips?

There’s long been a lively online debate about the merits of reusing pipette tips, versus sending them to landfills. This is despite the fact that for at least two decades […]

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How to Autoclave Pipette Tips: Quickly Racking Tips for Sterilization

At one time, many labs considered autoclaving and reusing plastic pipette tips an enormous waste of time. But with the recent revelation that only 4% of the world’s largest publicly-traded […]

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Lab Supplies: How to Minimize Lab Conflict

Sharing lab supplies always has the potential to cause strife—especially in university and research settings, where most reagents and lab supplies are in perpetually short supply. We’ve found pipette tips […]

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Research Lab Autoclave Best Practices: The Liquid Cycle Won’t Save You

Every modern research lab autoclave has a “liquid cycle”—a cycle just for processing liquids, growth media, and so on.  Nonetheless, more often than not, if you fill a bunch of […]

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