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Ideal Autoclaves for CROs (Contract Research Organizations/Clinical Research Organizations)

The increasing pace of scientific discovery—and increasing demand to quickly apply those abstract discoveries to solving real-world problems—has put ever more pressure on biotech companies and researchers to get more […]

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Addressing Pandemic-Related Autoclave Delivery Delays

Our goal is to supply educators, researchers, and innovators with the most reliable autoclaves in the world, so that they can stay focused on their important work. Unfortunately, due to […]

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A Priorclave Steam Autoclave: A Lab Tool for Conservation

The more broadly we can distribute good tools and sound methods, the more likely we are to find sustainable answers. We don’t yet fully understand all of the harms we’ve […]

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Autoclave for Sale: Is that “Lab” Autoclave Right for YOUR Lab?

Not every autoclave for sale online is a great fit for a North American buyer. Most North American buyers are labs, breweries, and facilities in need of a research-grade autoclave. […]

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Autoclave Parts: Lower Costs, Increase Safety, Assure Smooth Operations

Priorclave autoclaves are long-lived workhorses. That’s not because they never need maintenance or repair, but because we’ve designed them to make maintenance and repair easy. Any competent technician can keep […]

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Supporting You Through the International Coronavirus/COVID-19 Crisis

These are challenging days. The swift spread of coronavirus/COVID-19 has disrupted business, research, and daily life globally. Due to the rapid spread of coronavirus here in Michigan, our governor has […]

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Lab Autoclave Procedure Best Practices: The Futility of Foil

There are many justifications for crimping foil loosely over the mouths of containers before autoclaving. The most common—and seemingly most reasonable—is that this common autoclave procedure keeps viable spores from […]

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Keeping Your Autoclave Clean Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

  A lot of factors can bring your autoclave down—a freak power outage, a ruptured container, metal fatigue. But a healthy portion of the service calls we see can be […]

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9 Questions to Help You Find the Right Autoclave

Comparing steam autoclaves between manufacturers can be maddening. You think you have a strong contender, then you look at just one more website and suddenly realize there are massive differences […]

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A Good Autoclave Supplier Helps Veterinary Researchers Get More Done

Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) causes people and animals daily discomfort and distress. IBD can lead to other health problems such as intestinal abscesses, intestinal obstructions, and an increased risk of […]

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Bringing Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency to Autoclave Suppliers and Sustainable Research Lab Operations

Priorclave—North America’s market-defining research-grade autoclave supplier—is proud to be the first autoclave supplier in the world to carry My Green Lab’s ACT Label. As My Green Lab Executive Director Allison […]

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U.S. autoclave supplier leading the way in green lab accountability, consistency, and transparency

FACT: A research lab likely has a 400% larger carbon footprint than an oil company office According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average research labs consumes five times […]

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