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Energy Efficiency and Cylindrical Autoclaves

This past spring, a 2020 article in Labmate Online came to our attention: “Energy Efficient Autoclaves —Misconceptions and Misunderstanding.” Owing to our longstanding interest in energy efficient autoclaves and sustainable […]

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Want to Find the Most Energy Efficient Autoclave?

As we noted in our previous post, two factors determine the energy efficiency of your autoclave: The autoclave’s steam source and its chamber shape.  Steam source is perhaps the easiest […]

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Types of Autoclaves: Choosing the Right Chamber

There are so many types of autoclaves — not just in terms of autoclave processes (dry heat, steam, etc.). There are also seemingly small differences—like size, orientation, and chamber type—that […]

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Research-Grade Autoclaves: Saving Water on University Campuses

The west coast has been experiencing record-breaking drought conditions for over three years. According to the Wall Street Journal, many of the United States’ best-loved brands (e.g., Facebook, MillerCoors, etc.) […]

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Circle Beats Square in Efficient Autoclave Design

Rectangular-chambered medical autoclaves were all we had in North America for decades. Designed for round-the-clock use at hospitals, the medical-grade autoclave is undeniably robust and good at what it does, […]

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