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The Number One Contaminant in Your Research Lab

There can be a fine line separating good research lab practice and voodoo compulsions. (“Loosely crimping” foil around the mouths of flasks and beakers prior to sterilization is a perfect […]

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Lab Autoclave Function Primer: Intro to Air Ballast Systems

In general, autoclaving sealed flasks is a very, very bad practice.  But that isn’t to say it’s impossible.  If you need to sterilize sealed containers, then you need to make […]

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What Water is Best for My Autoclave?

With increasing federal demands and support, many U.S. cities and public water systems are addressing water quality issues in their communities with major infrastructure projects. This is so important; keeping […]

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Autoclave tape: “Don’t Trust the Tape—or the Techs!”

“Had an undergrad who ‘autoclaved’ stuff from our lab by drawing black lines on the autoclave tape with sharpie and moving it to the clean area. When I noticed the […]

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