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Choosing the Best Autoclave for Microbiology Lab Use

Choosing the right autoclave for a microbiology lab is no small endeavor. Not only is it a valuable investment, it’s also an essential tool for many daily laboratory tasks. If […]

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Doing More to Avoid Single Use Medical and Lab Supplies

Single use plastics in medical settings are a critical sustainability issue. As Dr. Leana Wen points out in her Washington Post column, “every day, U.S. health-care facilities generate 14,000 tons […]

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Mycology Laboratory Equipment and Techniques: Pasteurizing Mushroom Substrates via “Cold Sterilization”

“Cold sterilization” is a perennial hot topic when it comes to sterilizing and pasteurizing mushroom substrates. This chemical-based process (usually using low-magnesium hydrated lime) seems like a “best of both […]

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Building Technical Capacity to Support Caribbean Food Security & Sustainability

In early July, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was in the Caribbean, visiting Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana to discuss key regional issues, including food security and sustainability. This […]

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Propagation and Tissue Culture Labs—in Guyana and Beyond

Over the past decade plant tissue culture has been among the primary focuses of biotechnology in Guyana. This has largely been led by the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute […]

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Choosing a Soil Sterilization Autoclave

Soil sterilization is notoriously hard on autoclaves. In part, this is simply because the soil sterilization process is inherently challenging. Soil is heavy, dense, and hard to permeate with steam […]

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Bringing Pharmaceutical Equity to Guyana and the Caribbean 

Guyana’s pharmaceutical industry is extremely important to the entire Caribbean, serving as a linchpin connecting these islands and small nations. Without Guyana, the international pharmaceutical supply chain otherwise often overlooks […]

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Should I cover the tops of flasks with foil before autoclaving?   

Should I cover the tops of flasks with foil before autoclaving?   Short answer: No. (DISCLOSURE: This blog fully complies with Betteridge’s Law of Headlines) We’re consistently surprised by the persistence […]

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Building Biotech Capacity in Guyana and the Global South

The Global South is playing an increasingly important role in the world economy. For example, while the Global South as a whole was only responsible for around 25% of total […]

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Lab Leak Prevention in an Age of Pandemics and Globalization

While the question of whether or not the COVID-19 outbreak was the result of a lab leak is still quite contentious, there’s no doubt that inconsistent training and protocols continue […]

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Grain Sterilization for Mushroom Cultivation

Grain sterilization is vital to mushroom cultivation. Grain isn’t just a good high-nutrient addition to bulk substrates like sawdust or wood pellets. It’s also an ideal base for producing mushroom […]

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Explore Sustainable Lab Design with Priorclave at the 2023 UVA Green Labs Resource Fair (April 18 in Charlottesville, VA)

In celebration of Earth Month UVA Green Labs is again hosting their annual Green Labs Resource Fair at the University of Virginia—and Priorclave North America will be there. This free […]

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