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Lab Leak Prevention in an Age of Pandemics and Globalization

While the question of whether or not the COVID-19 outbreak was the result of a lab leak is still quite contentious, there’s no doubt that inconsistent training and protocols continue […]

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Grain Sterilization for Mushroom Cultivation

Grain sterilization is vital to mushroom cultivation. Grain isn’t just a good high-nutrient addition to bulk substrates like sawdust or wood pellets. It’s also an ideal base for producing mushroom […]

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Explore Sustainable Lab Design with Priorclave at the 2023 UVA Green Labs Resource Fair (April 18 in Charlottesville, VA)

In celebration of Earth Month UVA Green Labs is again hosting their annual Green Labs Resource Fair at the University of Virginia—and Priorclave North America will be there. This free […]

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The Right Autoclave for Streamlining Your Lab’s Growth Media Prep

Growth media preparation is the cornerstone of any microbiology lab. Not having the media you need when you need it—because someone forgot to start a batch or one failed—creates a […]

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Steam Autoclaves for Innovative Life Science Research: Helping Verily “Debug” Singapore’s Metropolises

Snakes, spiders, and sharks consistently top the list of most feared animals on earth, but the deadliest, by a wide margin, is the mosquito. Mosquitos are responsible for at least […]

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Steam Autoclave Maintenance Best Practices with Instructional Support Technician Kelly McVey

Constant low-level neglect puts a lot of unnecessary strain on your autoclave over time. Meanwhile, even a very low level of maintenance, when consistent, can increase up-times and massively reduce […]

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Steam Autoclave Testing Methods and Maintenance: Leak Testing and the Bowie-Dick Test

In most cases, autoclave installation includes both vacuum leakage testing and a Bowie-Dick test (also known as a “dynamic air removal test”). These confirm that your sterilizer can create a […]

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Lab Tip: Choosing Plastic vs Metal Autoclave Trays

Everyone knows they should always use autoclave trays. It’s something we at Priorclave talk about a lot. But what you might not know is that we also recommend you always […]

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Designing and Packaging for Sterile Medical Products: Contact Lenses

Globally, contact lenses are a $9.6 billion (USD) industry that’s expected to grow to $15.2 billion over the next decade. Much of that has been made possible by silicone hydrogel […]

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EH 320L Front-Loading Autoclave

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Autoclave Training Tips with Instructional Support Technician Kelly McVey

Kelly McVey is an Instructional Support Technician for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at California State University, Fullerton. There, she’s trained hundreds of people in safe autoclave use, with […]

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Do You Really Need “Clean Steam”?

Autoclave buyers are again wondering if their water and steam is “clean” enough. This is likely due to the publication of ISO/TS 5111:2022, or “Guidance on quality of water for […]

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