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Priorclave North America Announces New President, New Directions

Priorclave North America (PNA) is pleased to announce that Barbra Wells has been named their President and CEO. Wells had served for the last year as PNA CEO, spearheading the […]

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Coming Clean: Universities Reduce Carbon

Universities are racing to reduce carbon. Solutions can be costly, but leading institutions are doubling down on their reputations for progressive solutions and showing us what can be done — […]

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Conservation for the People, By the People, In the Lab

People want to know: what’s in it for me? It’s almost painfully obvious, but a new study finds that conservation efforts without consideration for the impact on people results in […]

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The FDA Goes to Bat for Public Health

Major American food manufacturer ConAgra was slapped with the US\’s largest criminal food safety fine on December 13, 2016. ConAgra has been ordered to pay an $8 million fine and […]

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Circle Beats Square in Efficient Autoclave Design

Rectangular-chambered medical autoclaves were all we had in North America for decades. Designed for round-the-clock use at hospitals, the medical-grade autoclave is undeniably robust and good at what it does, […]

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Food Safety Inspection Is the Front Line of Public Health

Check your reservations; tonight might be a night to dine at home. A few minutes of googling can save you a long, dark night (try searching “restaurant inspection reports” and […]

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Pet Food Manufacturers Avoid Recalls with Good QA

Pets are part of the family: We buy them comfortable beds, fun toys, treats from bakeries, and the best food we can afford. Unfortunately, the shortcuts taken by some pet […]

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Lightbulbs Alone Aren’t Going to Save Us 20% by 2020

Universities, like homeowners, are saving money on their energy bills by switching to LED bulbs. Kansas University recently replaced 4,500 bulbs across campus, an effort that’s expected to net the […]

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Local Food Manufacturers Make Use of Autoclaves

Food doesn’t get much more local than mushrooms you grow inside your house. The Detroit Mushroom Factory, a two-person business operating out of a home in the North End neighborhood […]

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Further Developments in Full-Validated Turkey Autoclaving

Since we first mentioned it, the time-honored tradition of turkey autoclaving has continued to pick up steam. Craig Venter—among the first scientists to sequence the human genome—was doing it back […]

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Some Like It Hot—And Some Want to Save Energy and Money

Have we squandered our natural resources beyond the point of no return? NOAA has monthly recorded record high temps across the planet for more than a year. It can’t all be […]

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Food Poisoning Can Lead to Criminal Charges

Companies are always looking for ways to save money, but there are no shortcuts in the food manufacturing industry. While the FDA has been stepping up efforts to curb food […]

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