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Mycology Laboratory Equipment and Techniques: Pasteurizing Mushroom Substrates via “Cold Sterilization”

“Cold sterilization” is a perennial hot topic when it comes to sterilizing and pasteurizing mushroom substrates. This chemical-based process (usually using low-magnesium hydrated lime) seems like a “best of both […]

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Mycology Lab Equipment & Mushroom Autoclaves

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Used Equipment and Cannabis Testing Labs

Lab Manager magazine published an excellent issue this past summer focused entirely on the cannabis industry and cannabis testing labs. This is obviously a challenging area, because of the massive […]

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Let’s Lead the Way in Reducing Autoclave Water Requirements and Energy Consumption

From mountains of disposable plastic pipette tips to high autoclave water requirements and energy consumption, lab research has a steep (but often opaque and almost invariably unpaid) environmental price tag. […]

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Cannabis Research: Cannabis for Treating Coronavirus?

As the novel coronavirus continues to upend our days. There’s little hope of “getting back to normal” until we have a COVID vaccine or suitable treatments. Medical researchers, understandably, are […]

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Priorclave North America Joins the Purchasing Cooperative of America

Priorclave North America is committed to helping labs get what they need, so they can get back to doing their work. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that Priorclave has […]

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Soil Sterilization

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Minding the Details in BSL-3 and Other Medical Research Labs

Coronavirus has disrupted and altered our public life quickly and, perhaps, irrevocably. Scientists have studied the coronavirus safely for years in BSL-3 (“biosafety level 3“) labs at undisclosed locations around […]

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Finding Single-Use Plastics Alternatives for Research Labs

When universities commit to finding single-use plastics alternatives, they often exempt their labs. Usually, such commitments focus on drinking straws and bottled water. But university labs can be a major […]

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Cannabis Testing Equipment & Consumer Protection

Just a few years ago, “cannabis testing equipment” was something a wry college freshman would call a bong. Today, these are regular offerings from every biological supply company. The promise […]

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Spotting Red Flags: Planning, Training & Internalizing Safe Autoclave Procedures

Establishing, training in, and rigorously following safe autoclave procedures can make the difference between a regular day at the lab and disaster. Don’t believe us? Try this thought experiment: Spotting […]

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Sustainable Labs: Small Changes Make Big Impacts

Around the U.S., regions, states, and cities are introducing new initiatives, legislation, consumer campaigns, and equipment upgrades to increase efficiency and lessen resource demands. This is increasingly necessary as southwestern […]

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