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Improve Autoclave Safety: Five Best Practices for 2020

People doing their everyday jobs sometimes forget the power of the tools they use. You become inured to their risks, and go on autopilot.  Those are the moments where accidents […]

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I2SL Continues to Celebrate Priorclave Autoclaves

For the second year in a row I2SL (the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories) has recognized Priorclave’s commitment to reducing the negative environmental impact of laboratories by expanding our ACT-labeled […]

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Dirty Autoclave Sales Secret: That Low-Price Autoclave Can Be Expensive!

Autoclave sales tend to focus on the “sticker price”—as do autoclave buyers. But that’s a bill you only pay once. You’ll be paying for utilities and maintenance for years to […]

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Autoclave tape: “Don’t Trust the Tape—or the Techs!”

“Had an undergrad who ‘autoclaved’ stuff from our lab by drawing black lines on the autoclave tape with sharpie and moving it to the clean area. When I noticed the […]

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General – Thank You

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Lab Supplies: How to Minimize Lab Conflict

Sharing lab supplies always has the potential to cause strife—especially in university and research settings, where most reagents and lab supplies are in perpetually short supply. We’ve found pipette tips […]

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Want to Find the Most Energy Efficient Autoclave?

As we noted in our previous post, two factors determine the energy efficiency of your autoclave: The autoclave’s steam source and its chamber shape.  Steam source is perhaps the easiest […]

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Autoclave Energy Savings: What Really Makes a Difference?

We get many questions about autoclave energy savings. This isn’t surprising: Research labs generally use three to four times more energy that similar-sized office spaces. The primary culprits: Devices responsible […]

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Thanksgiving Traditions🦃🍂🥧

Priorclave is a UK-based company, but Priorclave North America is headquartered in the American Heartland—and is taking the day off to be with family, friends, and community. To all of […]

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Your Sterilizer Machine Maintenance Plan

As we’ve noted in the past, developing just three good sterilizer machine habits can easily save you thousands of dollars. But if you want to get the most out of […]

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Do I Need an “ASME-stamped” Autoclave Sterilizer?

Many lab and facility managers are unsure whether or not they need to worry about their steam autoclave sterilizer being “ASME-stamped.” Short Answer: Yes, Always Buy an Autoclave Sterilizer Built […]

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