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How to Sterilize Ashes without Fire: Aquamation “Water Cremation” Sterilization

If you’ve ever wondered how to sterilize ashes without flame cremation, alkaline hydrolysis is increasingly the answer. Also called “aquamation” (as in “water-cremation”) this is an innovative approach to the […]

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Tap Water and Sterilization (pt. 2): Is Tap Water Bad for Your Sterilization Process?

This is the second in our two-part series of blog posts hoping to clarify (ha!) issues around tap water quality and the impact it may have on sterilization in your […]

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Tap Water and Sterilization (pt. 1): Is Tap Water Bad for Your Steam Autoclave? 

We’ve noticed a recent uptick in concerns about water quality and its impact on sterilization and steam autoclave operation. It seems like the biggest source of confusion is a lack […]

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Culture Media Sterilization: How to Dispose of Polystyrene Agar Plates

The process for sterilizing and disposing of polystyrene agar plates should look familiar: culture media sterilization is already a step somewhere in any lab’s workflow already. Agar plates, like a […]

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Now Is Not the Time to Waste Water

These last 22-years have been the driest since the year 800, according to a new study. Not only that, but “the 21st century has been substantially drier than the previous […]

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Medical Device Lifecycle Testing: More is Better

Life-saving surgeries rely, more and more often, on increasingly complex surgical tools. Meanwhile, the global climate crisis increasingly demands we rely less on single-use surgical instruments and medical supplies. This […]

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Using Steam Autoclaves for Medical Device Accelerated Aging

Autoclaves play an important role in product development and testing. They’re play a key role in medical device accelerated aging, where can simulate years of wear-and-tear or exposure to harsh […]

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Always Use Autoclave Trays!

Spend long enough in a lab and eventually even your most useful and trusted equipment may seem to betray you. But it’s not the autoclave to blame! It could be […]

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Culture Media Sterilization

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How to Autoclave Agar Plates and Reduce Single-Use Lab Plastics

Given the quickening pace of global climate change, an increasing number of lab managers are looking for single-use plastics alternatives (and it’s about time!). Making the transition to glass agar […]

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Do I Need a GLP or GMP Autoclave?

Customers often ask us: “Do I Need a GLP or GMP Autoclave?” Usually, the answer is “No, you don’t.” That’s because, in the grand scheme of things, only a narrow […]

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Being Cautious with Cannabis Research and COVID

Cannabis research and development are by no means “junk science” (or a stoner “pipe dream.”) But they are more complicated than it seems at first glance—or than the late night […]

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