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Top 5 Reasons You Might Choose Vacuum Features on Your New Autoclave

Not all autoclaves include vacuum features, because not every lab needs them. There’s no value in having a feature you never use, which still might break and force your entire […]

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What Water is Best for My Autoclave?

With increasing federal demands and support, many U.S. cities and public water systems are addressing water quality issues in their communities with major infrastructure projects. This is so important; keeping […]

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Brazil is the Biotech Powerhouse We Need Now More than Ever

Since the advent of modern agri-biotech in the 1990s, Latin America has been vital, with Brazil quickly taking on a central role. Today, Brazil is second only to the United […]

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Is it OK to Reuse Pipette Tips?

There’s long been a lively online debate about the merits of reusing pipette tips, versus sending them to landfills. This is despite the fact that for at least two decades […]

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Three Shortcomings of ‘Cold Sterilization’ for Mushroom Substrate

“Cold sterilization” of mushroom substrate is popular with early stage commercial mushroom growing operations. It’s low-tech, DIY, and can be cost effective. But cold sterilization isn’t always effective, and many […]

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Addressing the Carbon Impact of Biotech & Pharma Research in 2024

Are research labs playing their part in stemming the rising tides of global climate change? Last month My Green Lab released their latest report on the carbon impact of biotech […]

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Supporting MycoWorks in Exploring New Materials for Fashion and Décor

The clothing and fashion industry doesn’t have a very good environmental record. Right now, fashion production consumes about 24.6 trillion gallons of clean water each year—enough to meet the needs […]

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Putting Steam-Jacketed Autoclaves to the Test at University of Alabama at Birmingham

At the University of Alabama at Birmingham, there are hundreds of autoclaves on campus. Until a few years ago, all but two were steam jacketed. Nick Ciancio, UofA-B’s sustainability coordinator […]

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Developing Your Mushroom Substrate Sterilization Procedures

Contamination is the most common source of failure in any mushroom crop. This especially affects slow-growing mushrooms with longer colonization times. The same characteristics that make mushroom substrate delicious to […]

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Developing Your Lab’s Soil Sterilization Protocol

Soil sterilization can be an ordeal. Its density and the heartiness of endospores and other biological material present in soil make it a truly vexing challenge. Many labs run their […]

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Exploring Mushroom Cultivation and Accessibility at Entheofest 2023 (Sept 17, 1pm, Ann Arbor, MI)

September is Entheogenic Plant and Fungi Awareness Month, and Priorclave North America is pleased to be a sponsor of Entheofest 2023, an annual event celebrating the exploration of therapeutic plants […]

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