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Autoclaves Increase Biogas Production Threefold

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) — or biogas — is the quiet darling of alternative energy. It’s not a pretty process, fermenting organic waste materials like plant matter and manure to […]

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Retort vs. Autoclave: When to Use Which

Priorclave produces steam autoclaves for research and development in a number of sectors, including the food and beverage industry. While we do not produce an industrial-sized retort for food processing, […]

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How to Sterilize Ashes without Fire: Aquamation “Water Cremation” Sterilization

If you’ve ever wondered how to sterilize ashes without flame cremation, alkaline hydrolysis is increasingly the answer. Also called “aquamation” (as in “water-cremation”) this is an innovative approach to the […]

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“Short-Termism” in Laboratory Research: Are Good Ideas Getting Harder to Find?

Roughly two years ago, economist Nicholas Bloom co-authored a paper that set off laboratory research alarm bells around the world, asking “Are Ideas Getting Harder to Find?” They estimated that […]

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Priorclave North America Celebrates their 10th Year

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Priorclave North America. We’ve spent the last decade expanding access to high-quality, high-efficiency autoclaves to research, education, and industrial labs across North America. […]

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A Priorclave Steam Autoclave: A Lab Tool for Conservation

The more broadly we can distribute good tools and sound methods, the more likely we are to find sustainable answers. We don’t yet fully understand all of the harms we’ve […]

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Mycology Laboratory Equipment and Techniques: Pasteurizing Mushroom Substrates via “Cold Sterilization”

“Cold sterilization” is a perennial hot topic when it comes to sterilizing and pasteurizing mushroom substrates. This chemical-based process (usually using low-magnesium hydrated lime) seems like a “best of both […]

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Cannabis Research: Cannabis for Treating Coronavirus?

As the novel coronavirus continues to upend our days. There’s little hope of “getting back to normal” until we have a COVID vaccine or suitable treatments. Medical researchers, understandably, are […]

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Tissue Culture Cannabis Pushes Past the “Cutting Edge” of Cloning

“Cloning” sounds futuristic (and possibly sinister—especially when applied to sheep and monkeys).  But most of us did this in grade school: Take a rooted cutting from a “mother“ plant (for […]

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Conservation for the People, By the People, In the Lab

People want to know: what’s in it for me? It’s almost painfully obvious, but a new study finds that conservation efforts without consideration for the impact on people results in […]

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100 Autoclaves and Counting!

Five years ago we set out on a mission: to deliver the best laboratory autoclaves and services in North America. Today, we’re proud to announce we’ve completed an important milestone […]

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