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Who Can Americans Trust with Food Safety?

Salmonella, E. coli, and listeria are invisible invaders, making supermarkets a scary place. Behind a facade of bright packaging and colorful produce lurks the possibility of bacterial infections that can […]

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Opt in for Safety with a Research-grade Tabletop Autoclave

We like to assume that if we haven’t heard about a food safety problem, that’s because no problem exists.  Unfortunately, in the absence of rigorous testing, we simply have no […]

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The Culture of Safety Starts With Good Training

We applaud the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) and the White House for taking initiative to close gaps in biosafety and biosecurity at infectious disease laboratories. A memorandum released October […]

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Putting Steam-Jacketed Autoclaves to the Test at University of Alabama at Birmingham

At the University of Alabama at Birmingham, there are hundreds of autoclaves on campus. Until a few years ago, all but two were steam jacketed. Nick Ciancio, UofA-B’s sustainability coordinator […]

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Developing Your Mushroom Substrate Sterilization Procedures

Contamination is the most common source of failure in any mushroom crop. This especially affects slow-growing mushrooms with longer colonization times. The same characteristics that make mushroom substrate delicious to […]

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Lab Leak Prevention in an Age of Pandemics and Globalization

While the question of whether or not the COVID-19 outbreak was the result of a lab leak is still quite contentious, there’s no doubt that inconsistent training and protocols continue […]

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Explore Sustainable Lab Design with Priorclave at the 2023 UVA Green Labs Resource Fair (April 18 in Charlottesville, VA)

In celebration of Earth Month UVA Green Labs is again hosting their annual Green Labs Resource Fair at the University of Virginia—and Priorclave North America will be there. This free […]

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The Right Autoclave for Streamlining Your Lab’s Growth Media Prep

Growth media preparation is the cornerstone of any microbiology lab. Not having the media you need when you need it—because someone forgot to start a batch or one failed—creates a […]

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Lab Tip: Choosing Plastic vs Metal Autoclave Trays

Everyone knows they should always use autoclave trays. It’s something we at Priorclave talk about a lot. But what you might not know is that we also recommend you always […]

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Autoclave Training Tips with Instructional Support Technician Kelly McVey

Kelly McVey is an Instructional Support Technician for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at California State University, Fullerton. There, she’s trained hundreds of people in safe autoclave use, with […]

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Like Water for Chocolate: The Role of Steam Sterilizers in Cocoa Bean Processing

People are often surprised to learn that steam sterilizers play any role in chocolate production. But the fact is, making chocolate is a bit more disgusting than you’d expect. The […]

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“Follow It, Don’t Force It”: How to Easily Open your Priorclave Door

Priorclaves have a unique door latch that occasionally frustrates new users. Most come to recognize that it is a clever  design. Because the door relies on neither a screw/latch closure […]

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