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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Autoclave Gravity Cycles (but were afraid to ask)

Making the jump from a little “semi-disposable” tabletop sterilizer to a true research-grade autoclave means getting a handle on a slew of new terminology. One piece of jargon seems to […]

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Cambridge Scientists Mend Broken Hearts

  Heart attacks are devastating, even for those who survive. During myocardial infarction, your heart is temporarily deprived of oxygen and the resulting tissue damage is impossible to reverse. A […]

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Virginia Tech Develops New Therapies to Treat the Most Aggressive Brain Cancers

  Glioblastomas are unrelenting. About half of those diagnosed with this highly malignant form of brain cancer die within two years of diagnosis. Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute Tackles Hard Problems […]

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Neurology Research Turning the Tide of Opioid Abuse

Drug overdoses now kill Americans at a faster rate than car accidents, with opioid abuse largely to blame. Almost 100 Americans die each day from overdoses of heroin, fentanyl, oxycodone, […]

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University Microbiology Research Fights Unseen Battles

From Chagas disease to antibiotic resistant bacteria, Priorclave’s customers are doing important research in modern disease. Battling Antibiotic Resistance at the DNA Level The Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology […]

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How Medical Equipment Specialists Can Make Research Labs Happy

Everyone’s busy these days. Lab and facility managers are increasingly turning to medical equipment specialists and suppliers for advice on big ticket items. Your clients want a good value in […]

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Priorclave: The Original Programmable Research-Grade Autoclave

Life sciences and medical research and development are notoriously “recession-proof” in North America. Current forecasts from Deloitte, Mordor Intelligence, Azoth Analytics, and others project that various research sectors will continue […]

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“Faculty Phenotyping” for New Levels of Flexibility in Interdisciplinary Lab Design

“Interdisciplinary” is the buzz word of 21st-century scientific research. But it’s not as simple as putting a chemist, a biologist, and an engineer in the same room to work. Each […]

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The Most Brutal Threat to American Food Production

The news can talk a blue streak about GMOs and honey bee colony collapse, but the major 21st Century threat to agricultural production and food security is a problem as […]

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What Universities Get Wrong About Their Lab Autoclave

University facility managers often contact us with an odd request: They need an affordable, efficient lab autoclave for a research facility—but they say that autoclave will need to run nearly […]

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Genetically Modified Food: The Good, the Bad, and the Scientific

Many promises are made about genetically modified (GM) food, but the facts still wait to be proven — either way. For example, GM soybean oil was touted as healthier, but […]

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Taking on Zoonotic Disease

  As global populations (and population density) climb, industrialized animal farming becomes all the more vital—and all the more risky, making both animals and people more vulnerable to infection. Scientists […]

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